The many faces of social media.

Social Media: A president and the future

Source:  The New York Times     The Washington Post     Associated Press

Presidency by tweet

Social media gained a friend when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.  President Trump’s use of Twitter to communicate to the American public and the world seems inappropriate for a sitting U.S. President.  The use of social media for Donald Trump to communicate with his followers is fine, but as President Donald Trump it diminishes the nobility of such a prestigious position.

Twitter, in general, is fine for the average citizen to convey a quick thought idea, or short communication with friends.  This abbreviated form of communication is where a misunderstanding is often made; such is the case with many of President Trump’s tweets.  When this occurs, White House staff are left scrambling to explain what the president meant.  However, by the time this happens the damage is done.

The recent bombing in London and President Trump’s subsequent tweet is a clear example of the problem with this form of limited communication.  This also demonstrates President Trump’s lack of understanding about what it means to be President of the United States.  Communication with the American people and the world is important for any sitting U.S. President.  This should occur in one of two forms, a written statement or a news conference at the White House.

Unprofessional or genius in disguise

The use of Twitter by President Trump shows his unwillingness to change and evolve into the professional role of the President of the United States.  This has been further demonstrated by his statements concerning North Korea’s nuclear program and the violence in Charlottesville.  A President of the United States should not have to be corrected after the fact when making statements, in general.  It is in this abrupt, impromptu style that betrays the office of the presidency with the appearance of being unprofessional.

In many instances already, President Trump has taken to Twitter to vent his frustration and anger toward government and other politicians like an immature adolescent.  These ranting tweets only serve to tarnish the office of the president, the White House, and the American people.  Not to mention the ridicule it brings from the leaders of other nations.

The future of social media

The real question, is it appropriate for an American President to use social media as a political tool?

Given the rise of social media , will this become the de facto form of communication in the future?  As younger generations of American’s grow up with social media already present, for them it will seem as normal as light bulbs do for the older population.  Does this mean President Trump is just the first president to use social media, thereby setting the stage for future presidents?

Time will tell if future presidents will use social media in the same way as President Trump.  For now, depending on where you stand on the generational ladder, you may or may not approve of a sitting U.S. President using social media to communicate to the masses.  What is evident is the power of social media on everything in our society.  No doubt many politicians have noticed this, and as new politicians come into office we could see the use of social media skyrocket among politicians here and aboard.  It is already to a point where having a social media account is almost as important as having a social security number…almost.