Anthony Scaramucci: Another one bites the White House dust

Source:  The New York Times     The Washington Post     Chicago Tribune

President Trump should install a revolving door for his ever-changing White House staff.  It has got to be a record for the amount of White House staff turnover, ever.  The interesting part in all this, as reported, is there may have been an agenda at work.  Either way, President Trump’s administration has proven to be exactly what he says it isn’t, chaos.

Based on news articles already, the question is was Anthony Scaramucci used as the bait to oust Reince Preibus and then sent to slaughter to cover it up?  It is hard to tell if this was a convenient accident or genius.  No matter the end, one thing was perfectly clear, Anthony Scaramucci was in no way qualified for the position of White House Communications Director.  You could say Scaramucci’s wealthy elitist persona got the best of him and viewed as a problem.

Now with a new White House Chief of Staff, retired Marine General John Kelly, it will be interesting to see if someone so disciplined and focused can bring stability to the White House and present a convincing unified front.  Furthermore, will John Kelly be allowed to do his job or butt heads with the president?  It will be interesting to see if Mr. Kelly can handle the chaotic, undisciplined and off the cuff nature President Trump has brought to the White House.  Or, if President Trump has learned something in his short six-month tenure as president and welcome Mr. Kelly’s leadership.

However, the more important issue, all the chaos from the White House has been played out very publicly, not just in the United States, but for the world to see.  These events, along with a divided government, presents an opportunity for our foes to capitalize on.  Just look at North Korea and how it escalated so quickly.  You could almost say North Korea took advantage of the distraction that is the White House chaos to surprise the world at just the right moment.  This may sound like a conspiracy theory, but let’s face it with the recent launch of another more capable ICBM the world took notice.

For now, the shakeup at the White House brings with it a learning curve that will, temporarily, quiet things down as White House staff adjust to a new Chief of Staff.  Mr. Kelly’s decisive leadership should add structure and calm things down creating a more team oriented environment.  This quite period should help get everyone on the same page, instill some much-needed discipline and or may produce a few more departures, quietly.  Should Mr. Kelly be allowed to do his job unrestrained, and with the discipline he brings, we should start to see a more refined White House with a more organized, focused feel and a better command presence deserving of the White House, hopefully (fingers crossed).