President Trump: the Archie Bunker persona

Source:     The New York Times     Associated Press


Archie Bunker Syndrome

Donald Trump, in no way, understands what it means to be President of the United States.  This is continually demonstrated by his hastily made comments followed by carefully prepared statements meant to correct or clarify.  Because of this chaotic, uncoordinated, unprofessional public image of a president it puts Mr. Trump’s ego in a constant state of defending himself by pointing fingers.  In doing so, Mr. Trump casts an embarrassing shadow on the presidency that may take the next two presidents to overcome.

The president’s initial comments on the violence in Charlottesville, again, demonstrates the lack of coordination and chaos in and around the White House.  Clearly President Trump continues to resist conferring with his advisors on sensitive issues, especially when addressing the nation.  This time, however, President Trump’s statements landed him in hot water with all politicians and political parties eager to distance themselves from the president in favor of their own political careers.

At this point, Donald Trump represents what it would be like if Archie Bunker, the main character from the sitcom All in the Family, would have become president.  An embittered narrow-minded individual caught up in his own egotistical persona of self-righteousness.  It is this same persona President Trump displays not only in his comments but also in these ego driven Trump rallies meant to glorify and justify himself.

President Trump’s comments during the rally in Arizona clearly shows his inability to acknowledge a mistake by putting the blame somewhere else.  Donald Trump’s ego driven image, as president, seems to mean more to him than being the President of the United States.  This type of persona creates a divide that is hard to overcome, and in politics makes it almost impossible to get anything done.  With the Arizona rally, President Trump has set the stage for any failure of his political agenda to be the fault of someone else or some other entity.  This appears to be a knee-jerk ego driven survival instinct meant to save Donald Trump’s image in his own eyes.

The real question, how long will congress allow this type of behavior from a president to go on.  If impeachment is not an option, then use the same approach Trump himself has used, the media.  Congress should utilize the media to pressure Donald Trump into being a president with the same zeal as President Trump does.  After all, President Trump has stated he prefers social media to communicate with the American public.  Then President Trump should be amenable to hearing from the American public in the same fashion.

For President Trump, the answer is right in front of him, learn to become the President of the United States.  The American public can be forgiving, if there is a humble demonstrated effort to learn and improve.  Donald Trump has the ability to show someone with no political experience can become President of the United States.  A message with immeasurable power that would resonate with the average American and rally the country on its own.  Otherwise, the American public may speak out using the best form of social communication; the ballot box.