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From the Editor

 Editor’s Desk

The Observationalist began as conversations about our daily lives and topics that affect us all; politics, the economy, law, and everyday news.  From these conversations it became obvious that many people didn’t really understand how it affected their lives or the importance of knowing what was going on; it just made for good dinner conversation.  It was not for a lack of understanding, mind you,  but more from the helpless position we all feel at times; what can I do about.  This perspective can cause us to tune out, we read the words or hear the story but often we don’t see the full impact or meaning of the information presented.  Add to this the sensational reporting of some news articles and the often double talk, misleading information coming from government at all levels.

As these conversations progressed over time, and a desire to add clarity and purpose to the information a formula began to develop that started bringing clarity and better understanding to these topics.  Engaging people using this formula for conversation, people began to interact more comfortably, ask questions, present their own idea without prejudice or confrontation which lead to better discussions.  As these conversations would progress one could see the clarity in the eyes and people beginning to understand the need to be heard and that we all have a voice.  The formula worked, and it works not from an opinion based sometimes confrontational angle but more from an educational approach which empowers people more on both sides of the conversation.  This educational approach levels the playing field and tends to strip away the one-sided point of view and opens up the conversations to be much more objective, constructive, positive, and very empowering.

After several of these conversations and improving the formula, a desire to “spread the word” developed and thus The Observationalist was born.  The approach and goal is to use the same formula, tweaked a bit for the written word, to educate and empower as objectively as possible.  The idea for The Observationalist is to start and moderate positive, objective, and constructive conversations using the discussion aspect the internet has created through the use of comments.  The commentaries posted on The Obersavationalist are based on actual news stories from creditable news outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune to name a few.  For each commentary posted links to the articles sourced will be posted at the beginning of the commentary for people to read and use as reference for the discussion that will hopefully follow and educate others.  Since we are emotional beings it is expected there will be some differences of opinion and controversy, however these two ingredients are paramount to any conversation meant to bring people together on a given topic.  As such The Observationalist asks that we all keep an open mind and be willing to discuss these topics without insult or confrontation with the goal of better understanding and empowerment.