Anthony Scaramucci, from financier to white house frontman

 Anthony Scaramucci, The White House has a new voice.

Source:     New York Times     Los Angeles Times


The latest smoke and mirror distraction from The White House is President Trump’s new Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci.  It looks like the president finally found someone who will speak kindly of the president in such a way that appeases the president’s ego.  Clearly Scaramucci is far more polished than Sean Spicer, though I suspect that has more to do with the wealthy elitist he rubs elbows with.  What is important here is another person with no experience in government or politics who has been appointed to a government position simply because he speaks favorably of the president.

What we can expect from Mr. Scaramucci’s new position is a more polished approach and showmanship that will bathe the president in a far more pleasing light.  From news articles already, we are getting a picture of someone who knows how to distract, change the subject, is a clever wordsmith and makes the president’s ranting sound like a well-tuned piano instead of fingers on a chalkboard.  Clearly Mr. Scaramucci is out to change the president’s image, which may be at the expense of objectivity, the truth and transparency.

With Mr. Scaramucci’s recent television appearances, he is clearly building a foundation to accomplish the goal of a more gracious press environment that will better welcome news from the oval office.  What we will have to watch out for is how much smoke and mirror style distraction is put in play and if this will put a shadow on the truth of things.  With that said, Mr. Scaramucci’s first challenge will be how he handles the Russian collusion issue, which he has already made comments toward.

It will be interesting to see how communications from the White House will be under Mr. Scaramucci’s leadership and if the president is happy with what he hears.  Or, if Mr. Scaramucci will fall into the same trap that Sean Spicer fell into with an unpredictable president delivering late night tweets and off the cuff comments that may need cleaning up.  Though I suspect the president will be more comfortable with Mr. Scaramucci since they both run in the same wealthy circles and shamelessly promoting one’s self is part of the game.  However, I fear for the truth and transparency, and how this will affect government moving forward.  Communications from the White House with Mr. Scaramucci at the helm may make figuring out the truth like picking sand out of salt.