It all started with a conversation, several actually, over dinner with family and friends; inevitably the conversations would turn to politics, news, finance, or law.  Rather than an opinion based conversation, it became more of trying to understand how the given topic affected our lives or the relevance to our society and of course why.  I found myself applying a formula that would breakdown the information and present it in a relevant way to better understand what it all meant and how it applied to our lives.  After some of the  more lively conversations, my cousin would often comment how I should find a way to enlighten people using the same approach.  Not knowing at the time my cousin planted a seed that would take more than a year to blossom into an idea that would become The Observationalist.

So here we are, and The Observationalist was born.  The goal is to take the news on politics, the economy, law, everyday life and business and strip away the confusing and often misleading elements to reveal the real meaning and how it applies to our everyday lives in real time and the future.  This approach brings focus and shows us just how bad or good things are, but most importantly start to ask questions that start meaningful conversations.  To do this on such a wide scale for everyone to understand, I had to develop a formula that would be able to deliver the same clarity and understanding in the written word, such a blog.  This turned out to be harder than it seemed, since the written word can’t convey the intonation that the spoken word can emphasize to make an important point.  The formula was good, but it became necessary to write with the same clarity to get the meaning out there as a commentary rather than a news article.

The idea is not to repost news stories, there are enough news sites out there, but rather to take creditable news sources and apply a formula approach to answer some basic questions that get to the heart of the topic.  Therefore, The Observationalist provides commentary rather than an opinion or advice, though there is a fine line between a commentary and an opinion we will try and stay as objective and unbiased as possible.  With that said, we are human and our position on a topic, especially one that we may be passionate about, may slip in from time to time.  Hopefully this approach will lead others to openly discuss, with objectivity, the topics in question that it may get everyone on the same page and educate us on what is happening.  When we learn, we can educate others which then makes it harder to mislead us with sensational news reporting or distract us with smoke and mirror politics.  With this better understanding we can communicate back to government, corporations, and law enforcement as a reminder that America is a country by the people for the people, with a democratic process that gives us a voice to be heard.

Please read our About page for more information about our goal.